Tubes of Light

Tubes of light are the latest inventions in the field of natural lighting.
In addition to reducing electricity costs and health benefits, they have the great advantage that can be used in any type of roof, in whatever form, degree of slope or the material it is made. Tubes of Light

Tubes of light are made of:

  • tree - is the variable lengths of flexible material, lined with aluminum foil with very high reflectance of light, which acts like a mirror tube, capturing and amplifying the natural light, regardless of the angle at which the sun is located in the sky. Flexible material allows avoiding any obstacles (pipes, beams, rafters) so that mounting can be done to buildings to industrial and residential buildings.
  • dome - is made of acrylic material, high quality, highly resistant to extreme temperatures and mechanical factors (hail), spherical shape is designed to capture maximum natural light.
  • Lens - focuses light even when the sky is overcast and filters 99% of UV rays.

Light tubes are designed so that no warm air from the room and observe international legal norms and standards relating to energy.

Technical characteristics of light-tubes

You can download technical specifications PDF for tubes of light.

Download technical specifications

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