Smoke Vents

GBA Plastik's Smoke and heat evacuees are according to European norms EN 12101 - 2, and the CE marked.
It is designed as a system of protection of people, goods and buildings against fire, and allows an easy and effective intervention during the extinction. They must be equipped with remote control opening, which may be manual, pneumatic or automatic, with smoke and heat sensor.

S.H.E. (Smoke and Heat evacuees) are systems built for roofs and industrial sheds, commercial and civil buildings.
They are systems required under the new European rules Anti-Fire security, requiring that every building with industrial destination must be covered with S.H.E. between 1 and 5% of its usable area, depending on the destination and its fire risk.

S.H.E., is a system composed of two frames made of a specially designed aluminum profile for a horizontal layout or, if necessary, for a roof slope up to 15%. The opening of these hatches is made of an oleo-pneumatic linear motor with 4 segments.

Another vital component of a hatch is the valve.
This is a system that actually gives command to open the hatch in the following way: when hot gases and fire come into the hatch which it is equipped with a calibrated container to 68 °, 93 °, 110 or 141 ° C, that automatically splits at that temperature, releasing a steel needle to stab a cylinder filled with CO2, acting the opening of pneumatic breech and of linear piston.

The opening can be done with manual control if the system is connected to a fire station. In case of fire the system will receives an electrical impulse, will explode and so will break the container, which will be opened.

Smoke and heat hatch can be embedded in skylights or roofs, through a border made of polyester resin reinforced with fiberglass (P.R.R.F.), or prepainted galvanized sheet and can be thermally insulated or not, as needed. The border of P.R.R.F. is adapted to any shape or surface of the roof folds.
The border sheet can be achieved with support for bituminous waterproofing membrane and PVC, TPO.

Technical Specifications for the Smoke Vents

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