GBA Plastik

Established in 2001 from a 20 years of experience in Italy, GBA PLASTIK SOCIETY knew how to enter the Romanian market due QUALITY PRODUCTS AND CONSTANTLY OFFERED SERVICES.

GBA PLASTIK is the only company producing smoke vents and skylights IN ROMANIA.

Due to their production lines, GBA PLASTIK offers the advantage of Rapid delivery of its unique and original products.

An absolute winner results in the report price / quality / service make the GBA PLASTIK be the most innovative among the firms of this sector.

Smoke and Heat evacuees

E.F.C. (Smoke and Heat evacuees) are systems for building, roofs and industrial sheds, commercial and civil and also some systems are required under new European rules Anti-Fire security, is ...


Skylights are an optimal solution and welcome to any type of industrial construction, to ensure an optimal brightness for developing any type of activity within it.

Ventilation hatches

Ventilation hatches are used for daily ventilation into industrial halls, civil construction and commercial buildings, gyms etc.

Access Hatches

Access hatches are used for access onto the industrial buildings, civil and commercial buildings, sports halls etc.


Light-tubes are the latest inventions in the field of natural lighting. In addition to reducing electricity costs and health benefits, they have the great advantage that can be used in any type of roof, in whatever form, degree of slope or the material it is made.

Settlement bases

Settlement bases are used in skylights and roof layout. They are made of resin reinforced with fiberglass, galvanized sheet or prepainted sheet.


Our company offers a wide range of accessories: seals, heat-sensitive switches, actuators pyrotechnics, rain sensors, wind sensors, electrical actuators.

Industrial Roofing

Industrial Roofing
GBA Plastik made any industrial roof, in any sizes, enywhere in Europe.

Folded skylights


A full year

In 2011, GBA Plastik has opened two new branches.
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GBA Plastik company has made efforts to obtain recognition of the quality products and services. To view the certification visit our certifications.